New Year Resolutions we can stick to!

When you hear “new year resolution” whats the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps something huge that we decide we want to accomplish, usually a new habit, that we almost always fail to make happen! Why is that? Two possible reasons could be;

1.  We set unrealistic changes because it’s a new year and we want to GO BIG!

2. We almost always set goals for ourselves only.

So, let’s try SMALL changes for OTHER people! Such as the people we lead.


1. Stop micromanaging.

Micromanaging is a vicious circle that keeps individual productivity and creativity down. Not only do you feel like you’re doing everyone’s job but everyone else feels they can’t get truly involved with their work.

If you’re a micromanager, it’s not an easy habit to break. Start by recognizing that you do it. You may have to get vulnerable with your team and ask them if they feel micromanaged. Ask them for their input.

If that’s not an option, check in with yourself. Do you feel like a babysitter? If so, ask yourself if you’re giving them a chance to shine, a chance to take initiative. Next step is to begin catching yourself when you feel the urge to check in on someone before they’ve had a chance to completed the task themselves. Then, use the realization to change your behavior in the moment.

Practice this, and watch your team become happier and more productive by the end of 2019.


2. Give more recognition.

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in moving forward we forget to stop and recognize the small wins.

Try to put a system in place that encourages sincere recognition of your employees every week. This will boost moral and built trust between you and your people. Not only will there be more transparency, productivity will improve.


3. Take off the armour.

As leaders we often feel like we have to act as if we have everything figured out. As if we are not experiencing the same human experiences and emotions as our team. Taking off this armour and practicing more vulnerability with our teams – having deeper, more authentic conversations –  gives the team permission to do the same.

Talk about what the team may be struggling with outside of their work, talk about substance use and mental health without just passively providing help links. Show sincere interest in them, as human beings.

4. Offer more opportunities for work/life balance.

Work consumes most of our lives. This often makes it difficult to balance other aspects of life such as relationships and health.

Incorporate opportunities for your team to create more balance. Adjust the schedule so they can have a family Friday or a wellness Wednesday once a month.

Provide some resources and inspiration to your team on how they can make the most of these days.


5. Smile more.

“A Smile is contagious” is one of the most well known universal truths, but we forget to use it in our lives.  The energy of a leader is what makes the energy of a team. When your team witnesses this simple act of joy from you, they will join you. 

Today, smile more. Smile just to smile. And watch what happens around you.

This year, let’s make our leadership a priority.

What do you say? To 2019!

Thanks for reading, share if you found value.

The Chandler Team.


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