Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist companies in providing a safe workplace free from the effects of impairment and conducive to a healthy worker.

We combine our expertise in drug and alcohol policy and testing service delivery with our knowledge of the nature of addictions to effectively address impairment in the workplace. We are committed to leading a transformation of workplace norms regarding impairment by training supervisors to intervene with the troubled worker and by providing the necessary support to consistently implement policy.

We support the healthy worker by providing occupational health services which are supportive towards a more holistic and comprehensive picture of overall health and fitness.

We are a recognized performance leader who achieves operational excellence by fostering business relationships built and sustained by honesty, integrity and transparency. We are accountable and do not compromise our values for anyone.

Our team shares a passionate dedication to being the absolute best!

Core Principles

Make customers happy. Have fun. Be profitable. Having fun at Chandler Consulting is mandatory. People who are having fun are more productive, they are nicer to the other people in the organization, they become evangelists for the company, and the deliver fantastic customer service.

Guiding Principles

1. Quality service comes first.
2. Customers are the focus of everything we do.
3. People are our most important asset.
4. Continuous improvement is essential to our success.
5. Employee involvement is our way of life.
6. Integrity is never compromised.