We provide our customers the advantages of state of the art technology, expertise, and nationwide services, which you would enjoy when dealing with the larger players in the field. At the same time we have maintained the advantages of a locally based small company: focusing on our customer’s needs with personalized attention, open and honest communication, and effective business practices which include the ability to tailor services and deliver to compliment your existing processes. Our purposeful growth strategies have allowed us to keep the advantages of smaller business, while growing with our customers and industry changes.

Chandler Consulting Inc. works side by side with other testing providers across the nation, in order to competently provide nationwide services. The development of strong business relationships with several of the largest and the smaller businesses across Canada has contributed to the success of our business, which contributes to the success of your business.


Customized Service Delivery Tailored to YOUR Needs!
  • Personalized, effective response to service delivery needs, in a flexible manner to accommodate your company’s changing needs.
  • Results reporting processes and reports tailored to align with your corporate structure and reporting needs.   
  • Customized invoicing procedures as instructed by your financial department. We work with your existing processes to make invoicing easy.
Dependable and Accurate Nationwide Service!
  • Chandler Consulting Inc. has established a Nationwide Service Network consisting of over 260 facilities Nationwide.  Chandler is capable of responding to your company’s entire array of service requests no matter where in the country you need service. We stand ready to implement 1) additional services and 2) additional locations, at a moment’s notice.
  • Because Chandler has access to numerous collection site options in one location, we are able to effectively accommodate scheduling requests. Get appointments when you need them!
Fastest Service and Turnaround Times in the Industry!
  • Chandler’s corporate structure and collector scheduling process allows us to grow and flex to accommodate testing needs. This enables us to respond to high volume or short notice requests in a very efficient time frame.
  • Laboratory and Medical Review Officer (MRO) contacted daily for progress reports and to ensure lab-based tests are reported ASAP.
  • Business model is structured to meet testing and EAP needs – we’ll always fit you in to meet your time sensitive needs.
Expert Guidance and Support!
  • With over two decades of experience working with the US DOT Regulations and Canadian industry standards, Chandler can assist you with all components of your program. We have designed our programs to require little effort from your company officials who may not be familiar with industry requirements and standards. We take responsibility for ensuring your company is in compliance with industry and customer requirements.
  • All our staff are well trained in numerous areas of services delivery, thus allowing us to respond to all your needs, including positive test management, troubleshooting challenges as they arise, and other situations.
  • Our leadership team is always available for a face to face or telephone meeting to assist your company in meeting any and all service requirements and challenges.
  • Chandler Consulting Inc. offers Substance Abuse Professional services. We offer these services via Skype, ensuring that we can accommodate an assessment request for a worker within 3 business days anywhere in the country. An SAP report and Return to Duty Agreement are provided based on the assessment diagnosis.
  • Workplace Training Programs (Employee, Supervisor, and DER/Program Administrator) are available publicly throughout Alberta. In addition, these programs can be provided in-house (at your location) and are specifically tailored to your company’s policy and program.
Proven Track Record and Continual Improvement!
  • With over two decades under our belt, our track record in providing effective nationwide service speaks for itself. We will always go the extra mile and do what we say we will do.
  • We are continually improving our processes and delivery methods, taking pride in being leaders in the field.



Chandler’s Leadership team is comprised of executive level highly experienced professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of workplace Fitness for Duty programs and workplace health strategies. Our Leadership Team is structured with the end result in mind, providing personal, prompt and effective results. Their leadership and spirit have created over twenty years of accelerated growth.

Chandler’s Leadership Team has a strong commitment to above average customer service based on long-term relationships focused on achieving successful outcomes with the day to day routines AND with the interesting and unusual situations which may arise. Our client’s success with their programs is our highest priority.


Chandler staff are cross trained in order to respond to all challenges you may be faced with. This includes knowledge and understanding of US DOT and Canadian industry standard testing requirements, dealing with troubled workers and positive test management, and your Company’s specific history and current corporate culture.

Well trained administration employees are responsible for booking appointments and reporting results. Our commitment to accuracy is unparalleled. Our quality assurance plan goes to great lengths to ensure the utmost accuracy, both in data entry and paperwork management.

Chandler’s Customer Service department includes ALL of our staff and contract nurses. Our business model is structured to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Everyone on our team understands this and delivers service with the utmost care and respect.

Our nursing team consist of mature registered nurses with long term experience. Our nurses capably assess your workers at our Corporate office, and/or review assessments completed at one of our Nationwide Network sites to ensure uniform classification of fitness for duty. A nurse is always available to speak to you, to explain or discuss an assessment.

Our financial department is adept at ensuring accurate invoicing, while offering flexibility to meet your company’s existing internal processes.

Chelsey Tannahill 


Pamela Maciborsky
Financial Coordinator


Leslie Ralph
Senior Administrative Assistant


Taylor Baguley
Administrative Assistant


Dominique Gaudette


Tasha Stevenson
Business Development Advisor (Health and Safety)


Debbie Coates
Occupational Health Coordinator


Eva Campos
Records Management Coordinator


Mary Sebzda
Registered Nurse


Shauna Hubel
Registered Nurse


Mary Joosten
Registered Nurse


Claudia Beck
Registered Nurse



Our goal is to assist companies in providing a safe workplace free from the effects of impairment and conducive to a healthy and fit worker.

We combine our expertise in Canadian legislation / industry standards and Fitness for Duty policy with our knowledge of testing service delivery to effectively address impairment in the workplace. We are committed to leading a transformation of workplace norms regarding impairment by training supervisors to intervene with the troubled worker and by providing the necessary support to consistently implement policy.

We support the healthy worker by providing occupational health services which contribute to a more holistic and comprehensive picture of overall health and fitness.

We are a recognized performance leader who achieves operational excellence by fostering business relationships built and sustained by honesty, integrity and transparency. We are accountable and do not compromise our values for anyone.

Our team shares a passionate dedication to being the absolute best!


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1. Quality Service Comes First.

2. Customers are the focus of everything we do.

3. People are our most important asset.

4. Continuous improvement is essential to our success.

5. Employee involvement is our way of life.

6. Integrity is never compromised.



Increase of THC in Marijuana since 1970

In 2016, 905 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada


Researchers found that 21 percent of employees said their own productivity had been affected because of a co-worker's drinking

Managing Workplace Impairment is Essential to Your Team's Safety.

Committed to helping you manage Workplace Impairment from start to finish.

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