Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Program Information

When indicators of a troubled worker, and/or substance abuse are present in an employee, Chandler Consulting Inc. will provide confidential professional help necessary for the employee’s return to good health and productivity.

Our Employee Assistance Program provides professional assessment and counselling service for employees. The program operates by providing confidential access for employees to professionals and by training supervisors in the techniques of making referrals effectively and efficiently while maintaining their role as supervisor rather than counsellor.

Employee assistance programs are usually provided by the employer so that an employee or his dependents may benefit from the early detection, care and handling of problems in the areas of personal or emotional problems, drug abuse, legal problems, or alcoholism

Our EAP programs are based on fee for service, to our corporate customers. There is no monthly management fee, in addition to our monthly administration fees.

Benefits to the employer are as follows:

  • The employer can offer assistance to employees who need or want help.
  • The employer can monitor those individuals who have previously tested positive for drugs or alcohol.
  • An EAP can be a cost containment tool to reduce the need of expensive inpatient treatment programs.