Alcohol & Drug Assessment & Counselling

Substance Abuse Services

  • Substance abuse assessment and counselling services are available to Chandler accounts, on a preferential, fast tracked basis to our corporate customers.  Chandler Consulting’s Substance Abuse Professionals have over 30 years’ combined experience, and offer supportive guidance to companies when dealing with a troubled worker.  When your company does not have expertise and confidence in this area, we will guide you through the entire process of positive test management.  Employee counselling services related to other areas of concern is also available.  We will liaise with your existing EAP provider to provide Substance Abuse Service, if required
  • A qualified alcohol and drug counsellor will administer a substance abuse assessment, provide out-patient treatment services, and/or referral to an appropriate in-patient treatment centre, complete a post-treatment evaluation, as well as implement a Return To Duty contract.
  • These services are available nationwide, on a fee for service basis.  All assessment reports from our preferred providers are delivered to Chandler Consulting for review and return to duty agreement development.
  • Substance abuse assessment and counselling services, together with your alcohol and drug testing program, will greatly enhance the efficacy of your company’s commitment to workplace safety and employee wellness.

The minimum requirement of US Department of Transport for an EAP is that companies provide a list of community resource agencies. Under US DOT Regulations any employer who does decide to return an employee to safety-sensitive duties must ensure that the employee:

  • Has been evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional.
  • Has complied with any recommended treatment.
  • Has completed a return-to-duty alcohol and/or drug test and produced a negative result.
  • Is subject to unannounced follow-up alcohol and/or drug tests.

EAP Referral

EAP providers may be utilized to assist workers with their personal problems and/ or substance abuse problems in three different ways:

  • Self Referral – Employee initiates.
  • Mandatory Referral – Supervisor referral based on documented poor job performance.
  • Positive Test Referral – any policy referral based on first-offence confirmed positive drug or alcohol test.

Access to Services

  • Access of Services – Chandler Consulting Inc. will offer an evaluation to our corporate customers within two working days of initial contact.
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation –completed in two sessions.  Includes diagnosis, recommendations and return to duty agreement.
  • US DOT Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation and Follow Up – a more involved process requiring a US DOT Substance Abuse Professional.  Appointments are contingent on SAP’s availability.