Private Counselling


Chandler Consulting Inc. offers confidential counselling services privately to individuals and couples seeking guidance.

Assessment and Scope of Service
A client history is taken to assess the nature and extent of problems which may be related to substance abuse, codependency, adult children of alcoholics, depression, stress management, anger management, or relationship issues. The following types of addictions are treated: alcohol, drug, gambling, work, sex, food.

For those clients requiring inpatient treatment, referrals to treatment services best suited to the client and his/her problems.

Individual Counselling
One to one counselling is offered from our Red Deer location. Counsellors are also contracted to deliver services in most Canadian cities and towns.

Group Therapy
Groups provide a unique opportunity for growth in understanding your feelings, attitudes and behaviors together with social reinforcement regarding personal decision making. Please refer to our “Therapy Groups” section for program outlines.

Treatment Aftercare
An important part of addiction treatment is relapse prevention and aftercare. Learn how to channel your natural energies and live comfortably without active involvement in addictive behavior.

Adolescent Services
In response to an acute need for high quality treatment services for adolescents dependent on alcohol and other drugs, Chandler Consulting Inc. offers the following:

  • Assessment
  • Early stage intervention and short-term counselling
  • Continuing recovery support for adolescents and their families

Out-patient individual education and counselling directed towards development by the adolescent of skills necessary to disrupt substance abuse patterns is also offered.

Educational Services

Jan Chandler is available to speak or lead workshops on subjects related to addiction, codependency, adult children of alcoholics, mastering change, parenting teenagers, anger and/or stress management and many other topics.


Self referrals are encouraged, as well as those from family, friends, treatment centres, clergy, schools, medical, lawyer, probation agencies, and employers. All inquiries and interviews will be treated confidentially.


Fees are the financial responsibility of the client. You may qualify for coverage through your Employee Assistance Program.