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Silica Testing now available at Chandler Consulting.


Drug and Alcohol Testing Collection Facilities Nationwide

  • Chandler is partnered with numerous service providers and collection sites nationwide. This network strategy delivers to our customers unparalleled options for national collection site accessibility.
  • Chandler’s network strategy often enables us to choose from several collection sites in one location.
  • Testing services are also available across the United States as required.


Easy Appointment Booking Services and Results Reporting

  • Because Chandler has access to numerous collection site options for testing in one location, we are able to effectively accommodate scheduling requests.
  • Chandler people who are responsible for booking testing for your company are familiar with your company’s testing requirements, and are able to guide your new employees with booking processes.
  • Chandler will access collection sites from our nationwide service network. Simply state the location of the person requiring service, and we will find the closest collection site for you.
  • We believe we can deliver faster results reporting within our current processes. Within our reporting structures we can offer the flexibility of fine tuning email and verbal reporting, changing as your needs change, or when DER’s are on holidays. Results for drug screens and alcohol testing will generally be reported immediately after the test is completed. You can expect negative lab results by 5 pm the following day, if collected before courier pickup at a high speed site.
  • Site Specific Testing is available at many locations of the larger petrochemical plants and construction sites. Chandler has agreements in place to facilitate post accident and reasonable suspicion testing at these sites. Simply call our main number and testing will be arranged for you easily. Your usual reporting instructions will take place.
  • After hours service is offered 24/7. Simply call our main number, leave a message, and our on call person will call you back within 10 minutes. You will speak with a person familiar with your testing requirements and be directed to the closest collection site.
  • Our after hours on call person will report all results received from locations outside of this time zone.


Paperwork Management

  • Although Canada does not regulate alcohol and drug testing programs, all procedures and records management and retention is in compliance with US DOT Regulations 49 CFR Part 382.
  • Full confidential, secure maintenance of all record keeping off site.
  • Quarterly and annual reports regarding alcohol and drug testing activity for your employees will be provided.
  • Quarterly and annual reports regarding follow up alcohol and/or drug testing completion will be provided.
  • Complete Compliance Statements for inspection files.
  • Above average file management system, an in-house audit is completed each quarter to ensure proper documentation is in place.
  • All records are considered to be the property of the employer. As the employer, you are able to review our procedures and facilities, as well as review records for your employees at any time. Copies of your records will be provided upon your request in 2 business days at your request.


Drug Screen Testing – Urine

  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Technicians will provide evidential breath alcohol testing (EBT) on NHTSA approved devices.
  • Chandler utilizes drug screen kits which meet the October 2010 standards, 7 panel testing with the approved cut off levels. When you require additional panels of drugs to be screened for (based on contractor requirements) these are readily available.
  • An Intect 7 adulterant check is performed on urine samples collected for Chandler accounts.


Lab Testing and High Speed Courier Services

  • All lab test kits are sent to Dynacare, who is accredited by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and offers such testing for both regulated (US Department of Transportation – DOT) and non-regulated industries. They are certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to perform urine drug testing.
  • Dynacare maintains a courier system to transport urine samples from collection sites across Canada to the lab.
  • Most sites in larger centres are considered “high speed sites” with overnight delivery to the lab from anywhere in Canada. This enables next day results reporting on negative results.
  • Turnaround time of positive lab confirmation results within approximately three business days.
  • Dynacare is in the process of attaining accreditation for a laboratory based in Edmonton, Alberta. Once this facility is accredited, western collections will be directed here.


Medical Review Officer Services

  • US DOT and Canadian industry standards requires all lab results, negative or positive, to be reviewed by a qualified Medical Review Officer. Chandler Consulting is in partnership with Central Drug System’s MRO services to provide this service. Their team of MRO’s consist of a full time doctor, Dr. Rinck and Dr. Batch. In order to streamline this process, results are reported to Chandler from the MRO department. You will always receive a verbal report for any positives. Our professionals who deliver this reporting are available as a resource to assist you with positive test management.
  • These MRO’s review lab results, interview the donor when necessary, determine whether an alternative medical explanation could account for the positive test result, and report the verified result to Chandler. The option of the DER speaking directly to the MRO is always available to the DER.


RN Health Assessments Nationwide

Chandler Consulting Inc. will provide Pre-placement Health Assessments to determine the prospective employees fitness for duty. An individual’s physical capacity to perform a particular job based is based on a physical demands analysis. A baseline record of an individual’s general health and physical condition, and pre-existing injuries, will be established. Skills related to physical accident prevention are discussed as needed with employee. An employee is assessed using various evaluation methods including:

  • Occupational and personal health history
  • Physical Assessment
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Kraus-Weber back strength/flexibility rating
  • Blood pressure before and after exercise.

Other services available as part of our health assessment package include:

  • Lift evaluations, based on position physical demands
  • Physical Fitness Screening for positions which require a higher fitness level to meet the physical demands of the position. In conjunction with our health assessment, this assessment includes a cardiovascular evaluation, an in-depth lifting assessment, an extensive back and strength evaluation, and flexibility/range of motion assessment
  • A customized assessment based on your companies additional physical requirements and injury records.
  • Health assessment services are available across Canada at our nationwide service network collection sites . We oversee the entire process, report accordingly and store this confidential medical documentation securely at our office. A secondary review of assessments completed at our contracted sites to ensure consistent criteria in classifying employees. Chandler ensures complete confidentiality with all private information and we consistently audit our security processes.
  • Chandler Consulting Inc. has contracted the services of an occupational physician in Red Deer, Alberta as well as other locations across Canada, to provide Medical Health Assessments Consultation when a physician referral is required.


Audio Testing, PFT Testing, Mask Fit Testing and Confined Space Entry Assessments. And Silica Exposure Testing Nationwide

  • Audio Testing is performed by Registered Audiometric Technicians, in order to meet OH&S Requirements. All abnormal results are reviewed by an Audiologist, and the employee is onotified through the workplace, of such information and recommendations. A cumulative report is completed and kept on file. Audio Management is also available.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing is performed by a Certified Spirometry Technician. When workers are exposed to potentially harmful airborne contaminants, this testing is required by OH&S Regulations. Spirometry may also be recommended to assess suitability of your worker to wear respiratory protective equipment. Abnormal results are referred to a physician for further review.
  • Mask Fit Testing & Respiratory Health Surveillance services are available across Canada to meet CSA standard Z94.4-02 . Quantitative mask fit testing is available on several brands of masks.
  • Confined Space Entry Assessments are completed as required. Chandler will complete a CSA
    approved Confined Space Assessment to determine Fitness to work for workers involved in confined space work. All required documentation will be managed in a confidential manner. Referrals are managed as necessary, by the Chandler occupational health team.
  • Silica Exposure Testing, consisting of Pulmonary Function Testing, Chest X-ray, and Physician’s
    Evaluation (Silica Screen), can be completed at most sites across Canada. Program development and implementation is also available.


Audiometric Management Program

  • Support your company with remaining compliant to industry standards, in regards to audio testing.
  • This program is design to help our clients not only manage abnormal audiometric tests, and the follow-ups required, but also your normal tests and the annual or bi-annual testing you may need.
  • Receive a quarterly report with the names of employees requiring testing for all reasons, along with the invoice (if applicable) for abnormal audio test interpretations from the previous quarter.
  • Once we have started you on the program, all you will need to do is book your employees, we do the rest!
  • Enhance your workplace hearing conservation program, and gain assistance in scheduling required audio follow up testing as well as producing comparative reports which indicate the onset of hearing loss relative to workers positions in your company.


Random Testing and Follow Up Testing Program Management

  • Chandler will maintain full random program administration, for US DOT regulated employees and for non-regulated industries. Services include data entry related to active and non-active employees, random selection and name reporting to DER, and support in completing random tests on a quarterly basis (or monthly if desired).
  • Computer generated selection lists of your employees will be provided for random testing and follow up testing schedules. Comprehensive history reports are provided.


Alcohol and Drug Policy Development

  • Chandler offers expert services related to policy development or revisions. US DOT policy development is available in a fast and accurate manner. For non-regulated industries, your contractor requirements will be reviewed, and a policy developed to complement your current safety policies and corporate culture.


Supervisor Training and Employee Education Programs

  • Chandler offers a 2.5 hour Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training Program, which meets US DOT requirements for mandatory training of supervisors.


Employee Assistance, Positive Test Management, Substance Abuse Professional Services

  • Substance abuse assessment and counselling services are available to Chandler accounts, on a preferential, fast tracked basis. Chandler’s Substance Abuse Professionals have over 30 years’ experience combined, and offer supportive guidance to companies when dealing with a troubled worker. When your company does not have expertise and confidence in this area, we will guide you through the entire process of positive test management. Employee counselling services related to other areas of concern is also available. We will liaise with your existing EAP provider to provide Substance Abuse Service, if required.
  • These services are available nationwide, on a fee for service basis. All assessment reports from our preferred providers are delivered to Chandler for review and return to duty agreement development.
  • Substance Abuse assessment and counselling services, together with your alcohol and drug testing program, will greatly enhance the efficacy of your company’s commitment to workplace safety and employee wellness.