Occupational Health

RN Health Assessments Nationwide

Chandler Consulting Inc. will provide Pre-placement Health Assessments to determine the prospective employees fitness for duty. An individual’s physical capacity to perform a particular job is based on a physical demands analysis. A baseline record of an individual’s general health and physical condition, and pre-existing injuries, will be established. Skills related to physical accident prevention are discussed as needed with employee. An employee is assessed using various evaluation methods including:

  • Occupational and personal health history
  • Physical Assessment
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Kraus-Weber back strength/flexibility rating
  • Blood pressure before and after exercise.

A secondary review of assessments is completed at our main office to ensure consistent criteria in classifying employees. We oversee the entire process, report accordingly and store this confidential medical documentation securely at our office. A secondary review of assessments completed at our contracted sites to ensure consistent criteria in classifying employees. Chandler ensures complete confidentiality with all private information and we consistently audit our security processes.

Chandler Consulting Inc. has contracted the services of an occupational physician in Red Deer, Alberta as well as other locations across Canada, to provide Medical Health Assessments Consultation when a physician referral is required.


Mask Fit Testing Nationwide

Mask Fit Testing Services & Fitness to Wear Respiratory Evaluation services are available across Canada to meet CSA standard Z94.4-02.  Quantitative mask fit testing is available on several brands of masks.


Pulmonary Function Testing Nationwide PFT Testing

PFT Testing (Spirometry Testing) is performed by a Certified Spirometry Technician.  When workers are exposed to potentially harmful airborne contaminants, this testing is required by OH&S Regulations.  Spirometry may also be recommended to assess suitability of your worker to wear respiratory protective equipment.  Abnormal results are referred to a physician for further review.


Audio Testing Nationwide

Audio Testing is performed by Registered Audiometric Technicians, in order to meet OH&S Requirements.  All abnormal results are reviewed by an Audiologist, and the employee is notified through the workplace, of such information and recommendations.  A cumulative report is completed and kept on file.


RN Physical Fitness Screening Nationwide

Additional services available as part of our health assessment package include:

  • Lift evaluations, based on position physical demands
  • Physical Fitness Screening for positions which require a higher fitness level to meet the physical demands of the position.  In conjunction with our health assessment, this assessment includes a cardiovascular evaluation, an in-depth lifting assessment, an extensive back and strength evaluation, and flexibility/range of motion assessment

A customized assessment based on your companies additional physical requirements and injury records